About Us

Hamymady is California (USA) based Lifestyle store, launched this year 2022. Aiming to making alternative fashion available. Bringing amazing artwork and vibrant color pellets for the young American men and women. It accentuates the hot chemistry and passion between couples and rekindles their desires. It ignites the passion between lovers and boosts the chemistry between their bonds.
The brand is not just a clothing brand it’s a lifestyle of unique apparel and products that will define one’s inner self through colors and motifs. Uniqueness and quality are very important to us so we design the patterns and artwork in house making each piece a one of a kind. We choose fabric that is so soft and comfortable you want to wear it every day. We design, cut, sew and screen print for the U.S.A.

Our Story

We created our Lifestyle online store to share with the world our love of uniqueness and Art. We started this store as a creative outlet and to provide us a way to bring forth global cultural art and design. Along the way we have been very fortunate to meet so many great like-minded people, who have become great friends and supporters willing to help us produce a one of a kind unique product.
Along this creative journey we have been fortunate to keep on trucking with the times and our creative spirits have continued to bring us full circle to our love of global art forms such as truck art. As we continue currently to be inspired by such great cultures we pay our Respects to the variant societies of the world by producing a one of a kind apparel appreciating and captivating the beautiful diversity of the world.
As we continue on this like-minded creative journey, remember my friends
“Our world is different and for us that is the only way to be”

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create our Lifestyle store’s image and presence by offering superior design, quality and value to the consumer. We will accomplish this by being committed to offering great service and real value to the people associated with us and consumers.

USP (unique selling point)

Our USP is we manufacture all our fabrics in superior cotton. The inspiration of showcasing the bond between 2 people who are madly in love with each other and all those couples out there who can relate to it.
It accentuates the hot chemistry and passion between couples and rekindles relation. The clothing line will depict and ignites the passion for each other and portray their connection.

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